Dur Mursud / Wadi Arab /Irbid


1  Beit el bumeh                   6a    bolts     18m       Hakim Tamini                
2  Shakhet bumeh   5c  bolts   18m         HT  
3  Ta3jet ragab   ?  Toprope   15m         HT  only head 
5  Jardane´s huny  5c+  bolts  14m        HT    ***
6  A corce man in Jordan  6c+  bolts  15m   Wilfried Colonna         ***
7  Yelaan Rooof  7a  bolts  15m        HT      **
8  Aabata  6c  bolts  15m   WC + HT      **
9  Sahel Jaied  6b+  bolts  12m   WC + HT      **
10  Thanx Hashmis  6a  bolts  10m   Wc +  HT       *
11  Ru7  5c  bolts  10m      HT  
12  Sweedish experience  5b+  bolts  10m      HT  
13  6in  4c  bolts  12m      HT  
14  Mallagat  6a+  bolts   8m      HT  
15  Bubu  6a  bolts   8m      HT  
16  Luna  6a  bolts  12m      HT  
 17  Irbidi  5a  bolts  10m      HT  


 Never try to climb to the very top, the rock up there is really bad and it is really dangerous!

First plate is very often stolen! 


Orientation: north

Grades: easy – medium - hard

Potential: very little more

Rock quality: good, quite soft pocketed limestone

Protection: bolted, glue-in rings + some doubtful bolts

Gear: 30m rope, around 10 quick-draws + slings