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For most climbers Climbing in Jordan means Wadi Rum with its famous adventure climbs in a fantastic desert scenery. But besides Wadi Rum there is a lot to climb in Jordan, beautiful limestone cliffs in the northern areas located in lovely valleys covered with olive trees. Or in the dramatic the canyons dropping to the Dead Sea & Jordan Rift Valley – Sandstone, Basalt or very old.  In addition to the mountains and cliffs around Tafileh and Petra, outside the protected areas.

When mentioning climbing in Jordan two names come to mind: British Tony Howard, well known to everybody climbing in Rum; and French guide Wilfried Colonna, responsible for the first sport climbing crags in the Kingdom. Every year Tony Howard is back in Jordan for new treks and some climbs – always in a very pure and British style. No bolts, just equipped with nuts and cams. But for us his first assessment of a cliff encouraged us to have a further look and maybe start to climb and bolt some lines to help the development of this sport in Jordan. Of course we respect the trad style and look for the blank and steep parts for bolting where trad is not viable.

So one of the reasons for this page is to publish new cliffs and styles. We want to show the great possibilities of climbing with bolts and also the hint to the very nice trad cliffs in the area.  You will need that experience if you want to continue in Wadi Rum.

Meanwhile, after the establishment of Climbat, the first Indoor Climbing Center in the Middle East, the climbing community is continuously growing in Jordan, and more and more people want to climb outdoors. Leading the new outdoor climbing community in Jordan, Hakim Tamini started to bolt cliffs like Fuheis close to Amman or Dur Mursud near Irbid, and organized a Rock-trip to Iraq al Dub in Ajloun last October in order to create a new and large climbing area. Beside this cliffs he is always looking for new cliffs to bolt them - he is real  "Mister bolting Jordan" ....

We hope that CJ might be an information platform for new cliffs and new ideas as well. We invite you to send topos of your new lines, mention problems of cliffs or just enjoy the informations for your sunny climbing day. Its a page in progress - its not perfect, but we are working on it Undecided


Finally I have to thank all my friends in Jordan for their great hospitality, their driving, belaying and all the other important supports, when exploring and equipping new cliffs and routes… and having a good time outdoors!

Shukran Shadi, Ivan, Shane, Aboud and last but not least MarkSmile