To understand the topos:

Red line means bolted route with top-anchor (red circle)
Green line is a trad line – no fixed gear at all (Top-anchor might be a tree etc.)
Yellow line means Toprope climb (top-anchor might be bolted or nothing is prepared)
Blue line is a projected, potential line not climbed yet

The assessment of grades might be always very personal and should be just a kind of guide-line. Be sure, you can discuss many pages if its 6b or 6b+ - so enjoy the moves, the ambiance and the grade will be confirmed anyway in place and after a couple of routes you will have your own knowledge between Austrian, Spanish or Jordanian style.Wink so most of the routes are graded according the french scale... (to compare below)

Be aware, that there might be some vandalism on in situ gear – so plates can be missing, anchors stolen or bolts chopped! Please publish news about this annoying subject and take care, when using that gear (specially chopped glue-in anchors might be really dangerous) same to some top-anchors, where plates are just connected with old ropes.

Specially in summer, when its hot, be aware that holes, ledges etc. might be places for animals you better not touch or come too close (scorpions, wild bees, snakes…) so take care and have a look first.

You are outdoor in the nature - so try to keep a low profile, do not leave any tracks, no garbage - better take a big bag with you, to clean the waste lying aroundWink

 The very few topos about Rum will never replace a topo-guide/guidebook with all its detailed information about approach, descend and other useful details of the uncountable climbs. And will more or less just cover base-climbs (Single-pitch routes) - we add only the multi-pitch routes close to that places!

In general this category will be changing from time to time, as we want to add all news about new lines as soon as possible.


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More about new routes you will find in the rest-house "wall-book".

A new guide-book is in progress and should be published soon (Versante sud)